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Best Places To Take Engagement Photos

It's always so fun to take engagement photos, but I can understand how it would be overwhelming when trying to pick a location for your photos. I am here to give you some tips on how to pick your location and a few of my favorites in and around the Atlanta area that are perfect for your photos!

When picking a location think of these three things: scenery, season, and aesthetic/vibe.

Does the location have the type of scenery you were invisioning? Mountains, field, water, forest, beach, city, studio, etc. To nail down what kind of scenery you prefer I recommend scrolling through Pinterest and creating a "dream engagement photo" board and see what the majority of the photos consist of. Obviously, keep in mind where you live - here in GA we mainly have mountains, fields, city, and woods. If you are pinning scenery that are from Utah, it is not realistic to compare to the scenery in Georgia.

For season, a lot of locations have a prime season and only look best during those specific seasons. There are some locations that are beautiful year round. It is best to ask your photographer what location looks best during the season you will be taking your engagement photos!

The aesthetic/vibe is probably the most important part in picking a location for your engagement photos! Again, it's good to be realistic with your expectations depending on where you live. If you want a more causal and fun session then you might consider a field or mountains. If you are wanting something that feels romantic, you may want an intimate studio or a city.

It is also very important to consider what you are going to wear - and how it may clash with the scenery.

If you plan on wearing earthy colors, you will want to keep in mind that scenery of your location and how you may blend in. You always want to stand out. Wear something that will allow you to be the forefront but will also coordinate with the location.


Here are a few of my favorite locations (these are all public places, some of these places require payment)

• ATL Parking Deck

• Arabia Mountian

• Serenbe Inn

• Montaluce Winery

• North Georgia Mountians


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