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A Typical Wedding Day Photography Shotlist/Timeline

Are you an upcoming bride/groom and contemplating what shots you want to be captured at your wedding and have no idea where to start with your timeline? I am here to help.

Firstly, I want to recommend hiring a professional wedding day coordinator. Normally, inclusive wedding venues typically provide you with a day-of wedding coordinator who steps in about 6-8 weeks before your wedding day and takes over with all of the decorations, communications, and all of the above. I have worked with some amazing coordinators, so if you are a client of mine and would like to see my preferred I would love to provide those companies for you to make your wedding a smooth experience.

Every single wedding day is so unique and personal to the couple -- what I am going to provide is a simple timeline that is very general to get the point across for what it typically looks like. The less you schedule into the day, the more stress-free the day will be. Just keep that in mind when you are creating a schedule for your wedding day!

When I make photography timelines for my clients, I provide a detailed shot-list of what will be taken. That list is also very general, and I always allow my clients to show me inspiration for shots they would like and let them give me a shot-list of things they would like also. I am very transparent with my clients that no shots are guarantee. Especially if it is just me, with no second shooter. I do try my best to cover all of the preferred shots, but I am human so please understand and be mindful that sometimes weddings go off course and go by so fast so it may get missed.

Now that I have covered all the disclaimers, without further ado let's get into the nitty gritty of wedding timeline and shot-lists!

Typically Wedding Timeline & Shot-List

When creating wedding timelines you should start off with the ceremony time & end time and go from there when creating events around those two times. For this timeline, I am going to use a ceremony start time of 5:00pm (which is typical for summer weddings) and an exit of 9pm (with photographer/videographer coverage of 8 hours).

I am going to do this timeline without a first look -- because I do now that most wedding couples don't do first looks but if you are you are able to complete a majority of the photos before the ceremony, just keep that in mind!


Photographer(s)/Videographer arrives - Details & Getting Ready Photos


Groom/Groomsmen Portraits


​ Bride Getting In Dress


Bridal/Bridesmaids Portraits


Details of Ceremony & Reception


Buffer Time Before Ceremony




Family Photos Immediately After Ceremony


Full Bridal Party


Mr. & Mrs. Photos


Reception Entrance


First Dances Immediately Following Entrance






Cake Cutting


Open Dance Floor


​Formal Exit!

Okay, so generally this is what a wedding timeline looks like. A lot of these things are relative by vendor. Although this is a general timeline, I hope you now have a better understanding of what it will look like. Use this list as an idea not as your shot-list because it isn't perfect (this is just a roughly put together one) and your wedding day coordinator will do a much better job at organizing your wedding day better. But, nonetheless, I really do hope this helped!

Happy Wedding Planning!

- Olivia xoxoxo

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