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What Are Consultation Calls? And Questions To Ask Your Photographer.

A consultation call is a great way to connect with your photographer before you book with them, and to ask questions that you have and get a good understanding of their vision and style. I always suggest hoping on a consultation call with clients, from the photographer perspective, it helps us see if we are a perfect fit for each other. We want you to find your perfect match, so that you can ensure you are comfortable with us considering we will be with you all day long at your wedding!

I always prefer to Facetime or Zoom call with my clients -- this is just my preference, and every photographer, and client is different and may not be able to Facetime or Zoom call. But, if you are able to do a video call, I highly suggest it! Why? The answer is simple, it allows me to see your face! I definitely find that video calls are 100x less intimidating than a regular phone call. Just me? Maybe. I'm sure someone will relate with me on this! I prefer to see facial expressions and I am able to make those connections with my clients with a video call that a regular phone call lacks.

Standard Questions To Ask:

  1. How long have you been doing photography? How long have you been photographing weddings?

  2. Have you ever photographed a wedding at my venue before?

  3. Is travel included in your wedding packages?

  4. If you get sick, and can't attend my wedding, what do you do in that scenario?

  5. How long is your turn-around time for getting pictures back?

  6. How long will I have access to the online gallery once I get the final gallery?

  7. What is a second shooter? Do I really need one?

  8. What is your hourly rate if my wedding goes past your scheduled coverage time?

  9. Do I get the full rights to all of the photos? Is there a watermark? And do I have to purchase the photos to keep them forever?

  10. What is your back up process to ensure no photos get lost from my wedding?

  11. Do you have back-up gear?

  12. Do you do retouching to images, like skin, body, distractions, etc.?

  13. Have you ever worked with videographers, and are you comfortable with working with new ones?

  14. Do you have any wedding gallery examples that I can view?

  15. How do you accept payments?

  16. I have a difficult family situation, how should we handle family photos?

  17. Do you make a photography timeline?

  18. What do you do when lighting isn't ideal?

  19. Will you help us with posing?

  20. I previously had engagement photos taken, do you offer an alternative for that since it's included in our package.


Hope this helps with you get ideas on questions to ask your photographer during your consultation call -- and if you are a potential client, reading this preparing to speak with me, I look forward to chatting with you!

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