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Wedding Day Checklist

Preparing for your day mentally & physically

Weddings can be stressful -- ease this stress by packing ahead and bringing essentials with you on your day for a back up! It never hurts to be prepared and hey, you really never thought you would've needed an extra pair of underwear on your wedding (true story)


This blog, I will walk through what you need to remember on your wedding day mentally and physically. Let me just warn you, if someone hasn't already, weddings are very overwhelming for the couple who is getting married. It is important to remind yourself that this is your day and whatever you says goes and no one else should have a say in how to run your day.

How To Prepare, Physically:

Pack an emergency kit! This is soooo important, i have never been to a wedding where everything went perfect. It just is very unreal-istic to think. Pack emergency stuff just in case things go unplanned. Things you need in your emergency kit wedding bag:

· Bobby pins

· safety pins

· boob tape

· sticky boobs

· hairspray

· scissors

· Advil, Tylenol, & Benadryl

· tissues

· sewing kit

· band‑aids

· stain remover pin

· lint roller

· anti‑blister balm

· extra pair of comfortable shoes

· portable clothing steamer

· blotting papers (skincare)

· deodorant

· toothbrush & toothpaste

· eye drops

· tampons and pads

· allergy medicine (for those spring weddings)

· lip gloss & Chapstick

· nail clippers & nail polish remover

· tweezers

· superglue

· snacks

· water

· breath mints

· gum

· phone charger

· mini extension cord

· mini Bluetooth speaker

· lotion

· razor

· portable fan (it can get hot at those summer weddings)

· eyelash glue

· hand sanitizer

· spare underwear (just in case 😅)

· bug spray

· sunscreen

Gosh! That was lengthy and I’m sure you didn't know you needed half of these things!! But you never know what situations you will run into.

What to remember to bring for your photographers: we need those detail pictures, and here are a few things that tend to be forgotten:

· wedding invitations (with everything in it and the envelope it came in)

· vows books

· something blue, something new, something old, something borrowed

· ring box

How To Prepare, Mentally.

Like i said before ‑‑ weddings can take a toll on someone socially especially if you are introverted. I get it, having all the eyes on you can get exhausting and honestly be embarrassing at times. Take a minute to breathe, tell you wedding coordinator or photographer that you need a minute to yourself (i call it introverted time) before the ceremony or the reception to clear your mind. Your wedding day is all about you and your future husband or wife and we (the photographers) want your wedding to be calm and relaxing. Not hectic and stressful. Plan in breaks for yourself or for you and your significant other together to talk and just relieve any anxieties whenever you feel necessary. Remember that this day is completely about you and your fiancé, no body else. I will remind you of that 24/7 in case you forget. If you want something done one way, well by golly it will be done that way. Hire a wedding coordinator to stop everyone else trying to make decisions for you. Wedding coordinators are great and do an amazing job at running weddings. I hope you read this because you are either nervous or just confused. And i hope now that you have read this that it helps tremendously and that you feel better going on with your wedding.


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