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A Glimpse Of Spring | Chattanooga, TN

Welcome spring -- I have been waiting for you! I love spring, because honestly I'm a big summer girl. I have a summer birthday, so I'm just always wanting to be outside in the heat and soaking up the summer sun. So when spring comes I always know that summer is upon us. Now, I do not care for what comes with spring ... like the pollen and the stuffy noses, sore throats, scratchy eyes, and bugs. But hey, if this is what needs to happen to make it summer than I do not care, bring it on.

Leah & Nick were such a wonderful couple and such an amazing start to busy season. We took their engagement photos at Howe Farms, which is were they are getting married in January and I can't wait to capture their beautiful wedding day to start off 2024 (which sounds crazy saying! I'm so blessed!)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to share these amazing photos because these two were great and Howe Farms is always the best location to take photos at and I'm so grateful every time I get to go back!

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